Faisalabad Hospitals Numbers – Get Number and Contact Now

By | December 13, 2019

Faisalabad Hospitals Numbers

if you want to get any number about Faisalabad Hospitals then this information is very useful for you. You can get any Number about any Hospital of Faisalabad. Read this information carefully. Get Faisalabad Hospitals Numbers and Contact Now.

Name Address Contact Number
Aziz Fatima Hospital Raja Road, Gulistan Colony No: 1،, Gulshan Colony, Faisalabad (041) 8780910
The National Hospital Gulberg Rd, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad (041) 2611499
Allied Hospital Dr. Tusi Rd, Faisalabad, (041) 9210082
Faisalabad DHQ Hospital Mall Road, Faisalabad (041) 9200140
Faisal Hospital  673-A Lower Canal Rd E, Block A People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad (041) 8719677
Government General Hospital Gol Masjid Rd, A Block Block C Ghulam Muhammad Abad, Faisalabad (041) 9330323
Prime Care Hospital Off Susan Road, Near Saeed Colony, Faisalabad 0322 9666789
Saahil Hospital  Lahore – Sheikhupura – Faisalabad Road, 1 Sheikhupura Rd, Taj Colony, Faisalabad (041) 8782041
Saad Surgimed Hospital Satayana Rd, Batala Colony Faisalabad (041) 8734817
Madinah Teaching Hospital Sargodha Road, University Town, Faisalabad (041) 8869861
Medicare Hospital Shaheed Wing Commander Azhar Ismail Rd, Faisalabad (041) 2614388
Shifa International Hospital Main Jaranwala Rd, Faisalabad (041) 8740951
Hilal-e-Ahmar Maternity Hospital University Rd, Civil Lines, Faisalabad (041) 9201475
Maaz Hospital 424 Gulshan Colony, Narwala Road, Kaleem Shaheed Colony 1, Faisalabad (041) 2604262
Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology New Civil Lines، Sargodha Road, Faisalabad (041) 9201527
Punjab Social Security Hospital Susan Road, Block Z Madina Town, Faisalabad (041) 9220411
Chenab Clinics College Rd, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad (041) 2621772
Yasin Memorial Gulberg Thana Rd, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad (041) 2612700
Clinic Dr Niamat Gill (Child Specialist) 548 B Iqra Rd, D Ground Block B People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad (041) 8541192
Al-Noor Hospital Kotwali Rd, Douglas Pura Douglaspura, Faisalabad (041) 2631155
Mujahid Hospital 1 Green Belt Rd, Block Z Madina Town, Faisalabad (041) 8541364
Umar Hospital Stadium Road, Civil Lines, Faisalabad (041) 2614000
Khadija Mahmood Trust Hospital Chibban Rd, Mehmoodabad 2, Faisalabad (041) 8846011
Children Hospital & Institute of Child Health Jhang road, GC university، new campus، Faisalabad (041) 9203065
Government Veterinary Hospital Judge Wala Chack No. 220 RB Rajbah Rd, Judge Wala, Chack No. 220 RB, Bakar Mandi Faisalabad 0337 8691457
Siddiq Medical Complex 80-W Raja Rd, Gulistan Colony Gulshan Colony, Faisalabad (041) 8848024
Surriya Majeed Trust Hospital Narwala Rd, Madanpura, Razaabad, Faisalabad (041) 2699211
ABWA Hospital & Research Centre 1-KM Khurrianwala, Jaranwala Rd, Faisalabad 0311 1112292
Islamabad Diagnostic Center 563 B, Peoples Colony، Satayana Rd, Block B People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad (041) 8713737
Yaseen Memorial Hospital Gulberg Thana Rd, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad (041) 2634629
Advanced Skin & Laser Clinic ( DR . Rahila Asif ) 311-b Hakeem Sultan Ahmad Dawoodi Rd, D Ground Block B People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad (041) 8546311
Aga Khan University Hospital Laboratory 236 B, Commercial Area, D Ground، Hakeem Sultan Ahmad Dawoodi Rd, Block B People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad (041) 8556062


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